Networking has built my business.  And I love networking.  When I first started, I wasn’t sure the best ways to network.  But luckily I had great people around me that helped me!

Here are a few tips for getting more out of your networking:

  1.  Wear your name tag.  Wear your name tag everywhere you go.  You would be surprised how often I get stopped and asked what I do.  Just make sure you are being a good representative of yourself and your company! 🙂
  2. Develop your 30 second or 60 second commercial.  Make sure you prepare and be concise.  No one likes someone that just babbles on and on.  Here’s a quick run down:
    Your name & business
    Location if important
    What problem do you solve
    Develop a hook, tie to current events
    Use humor to get attention
    Use group interaction
  3. Prepare a 15 second intro in case you need it.
  4. Prepare your 10 minute presentation.  At so many networking events, you get the opportunity to explain to the group what you do.  Don’t wing it.  Prepare and bring value to the members.  The more you are able to engage your audience and tell stories, the more likely they are to remember you (and refer you).
  5. Buy from your network.  Buy from your network whenever possible.
  6. Give testimonials.  When you buy from your network and you have a great service (and you are more likely to have great service from someone in your network), brag about it.  Give testimonials.  Give reviews.  And tell people how great your network partner is.
  7. Be a giver.  Make sure to refer as often as possible.  Give good referrals.
  8. Be patient.  Building networking relationships takes time.  Don’t rush it.

If you do this, your networking will be more effective, more productive, AND more FUN!

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