protect your home while you are on vacation, homeowner's insurance, florida home owner's insuranceSummer is quickly approaching us.  And for many families, it means enjoying a vacation and leaving your home behind.

So how do you protect your home while you are away.  Below are a few tips and tricks for you before you leave home, so you can concentrate on enjoying time with friends and family.

Neighborly Love

It’s a great idea to ask for help from a neighbor, family member or friend to house-sit. This helps with:

  • If an emergency occurs (like a broken water pipe), the sooner you know about it and get help, the better.
  • A friend or house-sitter can help deter intruders by making your house look occupied. They can keep your house from being an easy target by parking a car in the driveway, moving the garbage cans and picking up flyers or newspapers.

Inside your home, sweet home

  • Make sure small electronic devices are off.  If possible, unplug them.  Some electronics use energy even when they’re turned off.
  • Don’t leave your lights on through your vacation. This can add up to a hefty bill, and it looks a little crazy at night.
  • Leave your curtains as you usually do. Closing them may draw attention, or keep helpers (like police or neighbors) from seeing something suspicious.

Before you go

  • Try not to alert the world via social media/blog posts that you are gone.  There have been many reports of burglars trolling the internet for good opportunities.
  • Consider postponing your mail to keep it from piling up.
  • Lock up and don’t leave a spare key.
  • Make sure your home is covered with the right insurance policy.

Any questions, contact Blue Sky Insurance Agency at 321.636.8878.



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