It's time for a vacation!

Ready to go on your family vacation?  Don’t forget to take care of some key items around the house before you do!

  1.  Have a neighbor pick up your mail or have the post office stop delivering.  Having mail or papers pile up signals to any would be thieves that your home is ripe for the picking!
  2. Unplug small devices.
  3. Set your house temperature on something closer to the outside temps (within reason).  Make sure to leave on the AC to avoid mold and mildew.
  4. Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on the home.
  5. Make sure to give that neighbor key emergency contact information.
  6. Clean out the refrigerator.
  7. Take out the trash.
  8. Turn off water valves to the dishwasher, washing machine and all sinks.  For the dishwasher, the lever handle is usually located under the sink. For the washing machine, look for a valve switch behind the machine.
  9. Double check all doors and windows to confirm they are locked.  And remove any ‘hidden keys.’
  10. If you are leaving a car at home, park it right up against the garage door.
  11. Remove any garage door openers from cars and unplug the automatic garage door opener.
  12. Make sure your smoke detectors are working and have fresh batteries
  13. Set your alarm and let your security company know you will be out of town.
  14. If you have a pump, check to make sure it’s not too high or too low and make sure your pump is on.  If you are going to be gone for a while, you may want someone to come check on it.
  15. Put chlorine in the toilet bowl to prevent bacteria from building up.
  16. Use a variable light timer to keep lights coming on while you are away.