A note to my clients:  Please be safe.  If you are in an evacuation zone, GO.  Today.

Hurricane Preparation Overview:


Contact Numbers for Insurance Claims:


Property Claim Form:


Today is the day to pull out your insurance info. Take a picture of your dec page (The policy info page) so you have the info on you at all time. Locate the claims phone number and store it in your phone. If you are my client, the (home and auto) claims numbers will be posted on the page and will also be emailed to you today.  Please store this info in your phone.

We’ve also attached a claim form so you’ll know the type of info the adjusters will need. Commercial clients, you’ll need to complete this if you have any losses and fax or email it to me, if you can.  321-636-8876 fax BlueSkyInsurance@bellsouth.net

If this storm is bad as they say, you will need to report your damages directly to the insurance companies.

Also, walk through your home/business today and take pictures of everything.  Open drawers and cabinets and snap a picture.  This may be invaluable later.

I’ll be at the office all day today.  I plan on packing up the computers this afternoon.  My office will be closed Thursday and Friday.  Once the storm passes I plan on being hereSaturday if possible and Monday for sure.  My team will do everything possible to help you.

If you suffer damage it is VERY important to take note of the date and time. Take lots of photos.

Again, if you are in an evacuation zone PLEASE GO.  I hope everyone is safe through the storm.

Kind regards,