Car insurance buying is often confusing.  What do you need?  What’s important?  And what the heck do those insurance terms mean any way?

At Blue Sky Insurance Agency we pride ourselves in helping our clients get the best insurance for their needs.  And we help educate them so they’re not just buying in the dark.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1.  Don’t just get the minimums.  I know, you save money.  But you are taking a risk by getting the very minimum.  And it’s a financial risk that doesn’t make sense.
  2. Pay attention to the deductible.  I have seen clients that leave me because they found ‘cheaper insurance.’  But when they had an accident, they realized their deductible was $5,000.  They saved a few bucks per month to put them into a financial crunch.  Oh, and by the way, they are back with me because I told them the truth from the beginning.  Before you switch to another insurance or agent, make sure you are doing an apple to apple comparison (because the cheaper insurance most likely is just less coverage).

  3. There are so many discounts out there.  And we ask you a lot of questions to try to get you to qualify for every single one we can.
  4. Shop around!  Insurance carriers change who they are targeting every year.  So the less expensive insurance this year may not be the one next year.  And that is a service we offer our clients for FREE.  Because we are an independent insurance agency, we try to find you the best rates for what makes the most sense for you.
  5. Double check the installment payments.  By paying up front, you typically save $10+ per month ($120 per year).  Insurance companies love when you make payments because they make more money.  So if you can, make the annual or bi-annual payment.
  6. Review your policy.  As your vehicle gets older, as your life and finances change, you may need to look at different types of coverage.  Make sure you meet with a licensed and knowledgeable agent that can look at your entire situation and determine if changes need to be made.


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