“To provide superior service to clients and the community, and then go have fun with our friends.”


Robyn Killary-Greene, Agent – Founder and President of Blue Sky Insurance Agency

Robyn Greene

I have been licensed in the state of Florida since 1996. In 2008 I started Blue Sky Insurance Agency to help Brevard County residents after so many ‘big box’ insurance companies canceled policies.

Why is the company named “Blue Sky Insurance Agency?”

I was talking to my husband Johnny (married since 1985) about what it would be like to both own our own businesses and not receive a regular paycheck. I said I saw “nothing but clear sailing and blue skies ahead.” Johnny replied that this was the only Willie Nelson song he really liked (although in truth, Irving Berlin wrote it).  Blue Sky Insurance Agency was born.

What has been the best business decision you have made with Blue Sky Insurance Agency?

The best decision I made was to join the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce. I have built the agency based on the relationships I’ve made and the referrals I have received from the Chamber. At least 75% of my business is the direct result of Chamber referrals. I always tell people that I shake hands for a living. Making friends for a living is a great way to earn a paycheck!

Why choose Blue Sky Insurance Agency?

First and foremost, we provide the most personalized, concierge service in the insurance industry. We live, give, and work in this community.  And we have our hearts attached to this community.

Every policy we write has my personal cell phone number on it.  I am available to my clients 24/7/365.

Two examples of how we go above and beyond for our clients:  1) I opened my office on the 4th of July to write a client’s daughter’s policy because she had a lapse in coverage (and was leaving on a road trip). 2) One evening we had terrible storms.  And I opened my door, and there was one of my clients standing on my porch at my home shaking.  A 100 foot pine tree was struck by lightning and caught on fire.  He came to me after the fire department left because his wife was afraid the tree might fall on their house.  We drove to my office together and spent the next 45 minutes calling emergency restoration and tree service companies.  I did not leave until I found someone who would drive out that evening and assess the damage.

Secondly, we love to help our clients in this community.  Many of my clients have their own businesses.  And one of my favorite things to do is connect my clients to their next clients and help them get connected to the community!

My Team

Tammy Nienhuis

Blue Sky Insurance Agency Tammy

Tammy joined the team in 2015. She holds her 4-40 Insurance Customer Service Representative License and is always learning more about the insurance field.

She and her husband, Jon, moved from Wisconsin to Titusville in 2015 when he took the position as the Chaplain at the Brevard County Jail. Originally from Holland, Michigan, and living in the Midwest, acclimating to the Florida winter has been an easy transition.

She enjoyed many years as a stay-at-home mom and working various part-time jobs as a Social Services Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and Dental Assistant. Now that her two adult children are on their own, she looks forward to her new career with Robyn and Peggy at Blue Sky Insurance Agency.

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