A nice lady in her 70s had been insured with BBI forever.  Her adult son lives with her.  He was driving a vehicle belonging to his employer when someone crashed into him and he was slightly injured.  In the course of filing the claims (against the at fault driver and his employer’s worker’s compensation insurance) he contacted one of those “personal injury” attorneys you hear on the radio.

The attorney advised the son that because he lives with his mother, he could file against her PIP & UM.  This is true, depending on the extent of his injuries.  The attorney assured the mom that nothing would happen to her policy.  The attorney filed a third party lawsuit against BBI (so the attorney would get his cut).  Because of the lawsuit (not the claim) BBI canceled mom’s policy.  Her premium went from $350 for excellent coverage to $600 for just above the state minimum limits.



I know of a lady who is severely disabled.  A public adjuster knocked on her door and said he was investigating damages at a neighbor’s house.  The adjuster said he thought she might have similar damage.  The public adjuster examined her home finding three small water stains.  He told the home owner to file three separate claims.

The public adjuster made a big show of bringing in a water extraction company.  The lady filed a total of five claims.  Keep in mind, each claim is subject to a separate “all other peril” deductible which is generally $1,000.  She signed a contract to pay the public adjuster a percentage of any monies the insurance company paid.  According to the company adjuster no single incident rose to the $1000 deductible.  The disabled lady is on the hook for the water extraction bill and was canceled by her company for claims frequency.  Because she filed numerous water damage claims within one year, her home is no longer insurable in the voluntary market.  Her premium went from $900 to over $2000.


A wealthy family has three teenage sons driving high end cars.  Dad went to his agent looking to reduce the very expensive premium.  His agent of 20 + years advised that the premium was expensive because the coverage’s were sufficient to protect dad’s considerable assets.

Dad really wanted to save money and found a fly by night agency.  The agent devised a plan.  He wrote mom, dad, son 1 & four vehicles on one policy & sons 2 and 3 along with only one car on a second policy.

So one day, son 2 is sitting in his Porsche at a stop light horsing around with his friend in the passenger seat when his foot slips off the brake.  The Porsche rolls into the vehicle ahead of him.  The passenger in that vehicle has just been released from the hospital following neurosurgery.  Her head flips forward & back & she is instantly paralyzed.

The insurance company policy #1 denies the claim because son 2 is not a listed driver for the Porsche.  Insurance company policy #2 wants to pay a prorated portion of the claim because there are two policies in the household.  Dad’s million dollar umbrella policy only kicks in after the first $250K is paid out.

So Dad now goes to the agent at the fly by night agency.  Do you know what he tells them?  “Sue them.”  Dad’s response, “No, they are suing me.”

Dad goes to his agent of 20+ for advice & that agent has none.

Ok, listen up folks.  Buying insurance isn’t about getting the tag for your car or keeping your mortgage company off your back.  Even when the payout is to the other guy, Insurance Protects YOU.  It protects your family and your assets.  If you believe that you need to talk to a personal injury attorney or public adjuster instead of your insurance agent, then you have the wrong agent.  I have 17 years experience in Property & Casualty and will turn business down before I’ll write the wrong product.

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